Rock and a Hard Place – Andrea Bramhall

Rock and a Hard Place – Andrea BramhallJayden is a world class mountain climber. With her sister she owns a small company and leads climbs up some of the toughest mountains in the world. When disaster strikes she can’t help but blame herself, and retreats from life on several levels.

Rhian is a marketing executive who is handed her dream project, setting up and managing a reality show based around professional climbing. The pair are forced together by circumstances beyond their control, and held there by the demands of the show and the glare of social media. But love has a way of working things out over time, in ways neither of them expected.

An excellent new story from Andrea Bramhall. The setting is unusual, feels extremely real and well researched with detailed and knowledgeable descriptions of an environment and sport most of us have never experienced. The nearly fatal episode we witness vicariously with the team caries you away completely, well written, cleverly narrated and imagined, it feels like we are right there with them.

The cast of characters are wide ranging from the typical London marketing agency high powered executives to the alternate lifestyle climbers who range from dreadlocked modern day hippies to attention grabbing egomaniacs. All are fully real and simply, yet cleverly, filled in.  The central cast, Jaydem, Rhian, their immediate family and core team, are well drawn and well rounded, with flaws and bright spots, journeys to travel and lessons to learn.

It’s a very traditional romance, a simple misunderstanding creating the drama, but for me it was well done. The multiple plot lines and constant action of the climbing mitigated what could have become a rather too much angst, but was well balanced and cleverly thought through.

Overall another excellent story; there is definitely room for a sequel with this cast and a second series in the making. Well written and executed it felt different and that made it a very welcome addition to the traditional romance collection.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 310 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Ylva  (November 14, 2017)
  • ASIN: B077GCN588
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