Love Is Enough – Cindy Rizzo

Love Is EnoughA book about friends, family and finding yourself. As adults it’s difficult to change the direction of our lives, careers, loves. Love Is Enough is a gem of a book, a traditional romance with strong female characters striving for success.

A loving family and supportive friends surround Angie Antonelli, her work consists of building up support for her re-election and hopefully a second term in Congress. With her mother heading her campaign Angie has to stay focused and as little personal time to relax.

Jan Clifford works for her families’ Investment Company; with single-minded intensity her career is built on power and success. Her clients and her family life are rooted within the rich elite. With family honour and traditions to uphold, Jan has spent her life since college trying to maintain the high standards expected of her.

Both women are engrossed in their respective career paths, neither one in a position to seek a relationship or wishing for the distraction. However, when both women accept an invitation to go sailing, sparks fly and the heat between them simply combusts.

Love Is Enough has delightful minor characters, from Angies’ mother and best friends Tracy and Robin to the remarkable Hadley who spends his time reminiscing with Jen about college years and the many challenges life has thrown at them. Add to that a number of exes and you have a romance that is impossible to put down.

Cindy Rizzo bioCindy Rizzo has written a wonderful book, a love story not only dealing with the unmistakable intensity of love at first sight but also the ups and down that such passion can bring with it. This was the first Cindy Rizzo book I’ve read, not realising that some of the characters first appeared in Exception To The Rule, which won the 2014 award for Best Debut Fiction from the G.C.L.S.

It may not be the correct order of things but I know without doubt I can’t read another book until I’ve read the start of their journey too.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 196 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Cindy Rizzo (September 16, 2014)
  • ASIN: B00NN1RF4M
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