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Dara Thomas has it all. Oscar nominated, fame, fortune, sex appeal and everyone wants her attention. But behind the closely guarded scenes she is Constance Darrow, Pulitzer Prize winning author. The public face is eye candy, not expected to have a brain, the secret face allows Dara to express her true self, but only from a place of rigid anonymity.

When Professor of American Literature Rebecca Minton starts a correspondence with Darrow a chance comment sets the professor on a trail of discovery. She is already more than half in love with the illusive author, but will Darrow run scared from revealing herself?

A life changing period for both women, challenging them to face up to who they are and what they want. But whether they have the courage to face reality is the biggest test.


One of the things I love most about Lynn Ames books is that they are all different. Yes they are all LesFic, but no two stories repeat, the characters are different, the settings are varied and the mood and momentum feel special.

Well written and well paced, this book is a psychological suspense. We can see the attraction, understand the constraints, but only time will show whether love will eventually conquer all, or whether fear and the need to maintain a public face will win out.

Both women have issues, both women have had problematic childhoods, resulting in complex characters and leading directly to the tension as they fight their instincts and their feelings. Both are strong women who have carved a successful place in the world, but at a cost to themselves.

The cast is well rounded and ably fills out the plot and characterization of the main protagonists. If anything my only complaint is that I wanted more. I wanted more of their interactions, more of their growth, more time with all of them.
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This is a glorious, well-written, sensual and delightful novel. I literally couldn’t put it down, read into the night and then couldn’t stop until I had finished it the next day. Definitely in my top 10 this year.


Rebound Product info:

  • Paperback: 302 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Phoenix Rising Press (June 16, 2013)
  • Language: English
To buy the Kindle edition – click here.
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To buy the Kindle edition – click here.
To buy the Paperback edition – click here.


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