michael-whelan-dragons-et-cavaliersFantasy fiction, inclusive of all aspects, tends to be shoved in the corner, placed on the odd shelf in the bookstore corner, maligned, over-looked, marginalized and so forth.  Books written by women, very often, suffer the same fate.  Books written by openly lesbian authors tend to be subsumed within the categories of “women authors,” “lgbtq,” or hidden away, promoted via word of mouth, social media, and the like.

This list, currently 26 pages, was borne out of much research. I excluded works by males, ones without lesbian main or major characters, works that are not fantasy, per se, but actually erotica, and ones that portray sexuality as sick or twisted. Similarly, I left out most recent works, as those less recently written tend to be forgotten, not having the luxury of social media and so forth. In the coming weeks, of course more recent works will be added, as will other works that were overlooked. Further, and more importantly, the list will become clearly categorized by sub-genre, easier to search and generally be more user friendly. The goal was to share what I have discovered thus far. I hope that the work so far has shown that many women have written novels that still need to be discovered.

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Please feel free to submit titles, for the intention is to increase awareness. However PLEASE fill in the form rather than make comments – then we can add them to the new database.  Submit a title here.