Lammy Finalists 2016

Finalists of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Lesbian General Fiction

1.      Carry the One, Carol Anshaw, Simon & Schuster

2.      The Last Nude, Ellis Avery, Riverhead Books

3.      The Raven’s Heart, Jesse Blackadder, Bywater Books

4.      Theft: A Novel, BK Loren, Counterpoint Press

5.      Wonder Girls, Catherine Jones, Simon & Schuster UK

6.      The World We Found: A Novel, Thrity Umrigar, HarperCollins Publishers / Harper

Lesbian Memoir/Biography

1.      A Simple Revolution: The Making of an Activist Poet, Judy Grahn, Aunt Lute Books

2.      All We Know: Three Lives, Lisa Cohen, Farrar, Straus and Giroux

3.      Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama, Alison Bechdel, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

4.      Before the Rain, Luisita Lopez Torregrosa, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

5.      The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination, Sarah Schulman, University of California Press

6.      Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, Jeanette Winterson, Grove/Atlantic

Lesbian Mystery

1.      Ill Will, J.M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books

2.      Jacob’s War, C.P. Rowlands, Bold Strokes Books

3.      Lemon Reef, Robin Silverman, Bold Strokes Books

4.      Molly: House on Fire, R. E. Bradshaw, R. E. Bradshaw Books

5.      Rest for the Wicked, Ellen Hart, Minotaur Books

Lesbian Poetry

1.      fault tree, kathryn l. pringle, Omnidawn Publishing

2.      Letters to Kelly Clarkson, Julia Bloch, Sidebrow

3.      Sea and Fog, Etel Adnan, Nightboat Books

4.      Snowflake/different streets, Eileen Myles, Wave Books

5.      wine for a shotgun, Marty McConnell, EM Press

Lesbian Romance

1.      Appointment with a Smile, Kieran York, Blue Feather Books

2.      Dark Wings Descending, Lesley Davis, Bold Strokes Books

3.      Love Match, Ali Vali, Bold Strokes Books

4.      Month of Sundays, Yolanda Wallace, Bold Strokes Books

5.      Runaway, Anne Laughlin, Bold Strokes Books

6.      She Left Me Breathless, Trin Denise, Ragz Books USA

7.      Sometime Yesterday, Yvonne Heidt, Bold Strokes Books

8.      Survived by Her Longtime Companion, Chris Paynter, Blue Feather Books

9.      Tactical Pursuit, Lynette Mae, Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC

10.     Third, Q. Kelly, Ride the Rainbow Books

Lesbian Erotica

1.      Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica, Edited by Ily Goyanes, Cleis Press

2.      The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica, D.L. King, Cleis Press

3.      One Saved to the Sea, Catt Kingsgrave, Clasp Editions; An Imprint of Circlet Press

LGBT Debut Fiction

1.      Desire: Tales of New Orleans, William Sterling Walker, Chelsea Station Editions

2.      The Dream of Doctor Bantam, Jeanne Thornton, OR Books

3.      The Evening Hour, Carter Sickels, Bloomsbury

4.      Incidental Music, Lydia Perovic, Inanna Publications

5.      Love, In Theory: Ten Stories, E.J. Levy, University of Georgia Press/Flannery O’Connor  Award for Short Fiction

6.      Makara: a novel, Kristen Ringman, Handtype Press, LLC

7.      Monstress, Lysley Tenorio, HarperCollins Publishers / Ecco

8.      People Who Disappear, Alex Leslie, Freehand Books (an imprint of Broadview Press)

9.      The Summer We Got Free, Mia McKenzie, BGD Press

10.   Three Cubic Feet, Lania Knight, Main Street Rag

LGBT Drama

1.      Edith Can Shoot Things And Hit Them, A. Rey Pamatmat, Samuel French, Inc.

2.      Falling In Time, C. E. Gatchalian, J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing/Scirocco Drama

3.      The Myopia and Other Plays by David Greenspan, Marc Robinson, University of Michigan Press

4.      A Strange and Separate People, Jon Marans, Chelsea Station Editions

5.      Thunder Above, Deeps Below, A. Rey Pamatmat, Samuel French, Inc.

LGBT Nonfiction

1.      Communists and Perverts under the Palms: The Johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965, Stacy Braukman, University Press of Florida

2.      Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America, Christopher Bram, Hachette Book Group/Twelve

3.      Far From The Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity, Andrew Solomon, Scribner

4.      Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas, Dale Carpenter, W. W. Norton & Company

5.      I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin’s Life in Letters, Michael Long, Editor, City Lights

6.      Israel/Palestine and the Queer International, Sarah Schulman, Duke University Press

7.      Out Spoken: A Vito Russo Reader Reel One and Reel Two, Jeffrey Schwarz, Mark Thompson and Bo Young, White Crane Books

8.      Real Man Adventures, T Cooper, McSweeney’s

LGBT Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

1.      Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction, Brit Mandelo, Lethe Press

2.      Chocolatiers of the High Winds: A Gay Steampunk Romance, H.B. Kurtzwilde, Clasp Editions; An Imprint of Circlet Press

3.      Green Thumb, Tom Cardamone, Lethe Press

4.      Heiresses of Russ 2012: the Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction, Connie Wilkins and Steve Berman, Lethe Press

5.      In the Now, Kelly Sinclair, Blue Feather Books

6.      Night Shadows: Queer Horror, Greg Herren and J.M. Redmann, eds., Bold Strokes Books

7.      The Survivors, Sean Eads, Lethe Press

LGBT Studies

1.      Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure, Sara Warner, University of Michigan Press

2.      Depression: A Public Feeling, Ann Cvetkovich, Duke University Press

3.      Gay Press, Gay Power: The Growth of LGBT Community Newspapers in America, Tracy Baim, Prairie Avenue Productions and Windy City Times

4.      How To Be Gay, David M. Halperin, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

5.      The Invention of Heterosexual Culture, Louis-Georges Tin, The MIT Press

6.      On Making Sense: Queer Race Narratives of Intelligibility, Ernesto Javier Martínez, Stanford University Press

7.      Out in Africa: LGBT Organizing in Namibia and South Africa, Ashley Currier, University of Minnesota Press

8.      Performing Queer Latinidad: Dance, Sexuality, Politics, Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, University of Michigan Press

9.      Pray the Gay Away The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays, Bernadette C. Barton, NYU Press

10.  South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come: Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom, Brenna M. Munro, University of Minnesota Press