Hypnotizing Chickens – Julia Watts

hypnotising chickensThis is a charming and amusing novel about a woman’s growth and the realization that the home she left behind still has some valuable lessons to teach.

Chrys is 40 years old, working in a local college and living the ideal life. Until her alpha gf leaves her for a younger model, and she realizes that giving up her University position and relocating might not have been the most sensible move. She decides to go home for the summer to care from her Gran, and so begins a journey back to herself, her family, her roots – and her future.

Be warned… this is NOT just a simple romance, although it contains the quietly charming beginnings. It is more a tale of a woman’s recovery from the pain of being dumped and her re-birth – as herself. A story most of us will recognize when we have sunk below the waters of a full on relationship and emerge to find we arent sure who we are.

It is well written, well edited and well put together. The characters are excellent, Ms Watts produces a great cast of family members with strong personalities, hopes and desires. Of course gran tries to steal the show, but Mum is a large presence and learning about her sacrifices teaches our heroine that she was not the only one with dreams.

Full of observational humor, insight into the simple Appalachian life and a loving portrayal of a southern family, warts and all, Ms Watts has produced an entertaining read.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Bella Books (14 April 2014)
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