Heart Stop – Radclyffe

Heart Stop – RadclyffeTwo interesting women meet and clash personalities as they are forced to work together in the ME’s department. Assistant chief medical examiner Olivia Price is emotionally cut off and distant. She resents having somebody forced on her who hasn’t passed through the normal channels. Jay “Flash” Reynolds was a high-flying trauma surgeon until an accident left her physically damaged and emotionally bereft at the loss of her career. Forced by friends in high places to try out in a different discipline she is angry and resentful of the changes. Thrown together by chance and caught up in local drug wars the two women must find a way to work together.

This is a mashup from the Justice and Frist Responder Series’ and although it does work as a standalone you certainly get more from knowing the backstory of many of the secondary characters. Cops, trauma surgeons, firefighters, and now medical examiners all play a role with a host of characters re-appearing as minor characters. As with many of Radclyffe’s books it’s like touching base with old friends.

The crime story is somewhat secondary, while it plays an important part in the action of the novel it is more of a vehicle to the developing working relationship of the main characters; their increasing friendship and interdependence. As always the medical drama and detail is excellent and I always enjoy learning more about different disciplines within the medical world.

It’s fast paced, full of detail with multiple story arcs and re-visits, along with a slow burn romance and powerful women who need to grow into a relationship by overcoming their issues, both physical and emotional. Another strong Radclyffe story and a good cross over between series.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (July 18, 2017)
  • ASIN: B07318NYRR
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