Paradox Valley – Gerri Hill

Well this was different. Gerri Hill’s latest takes her supernatural series to a whole new level mixing paranormal, 1950’s scifi and a gentle romance which is definitely not the main storyline. Dana has run home to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado to escape an extremely premature marriage proposal. When everybody feels the earth tremble […]

Lammy Winners 2016

Pioneer Award: – Eileen Myles Lesbian Fiction: – Under the Udala Trees – Chinelo Okparanta Lesbian romance: – Making A Comeback – Julie Blair Lesbian mystery: – Tarnished Gold – Ann Aptaker – Ordinary Mayhem – Victoria B Brownworth Lesbian erotica: – The Muse – Meghan O’Brien Lesbian poetry: – Life In a Box is […]

The Circle Dance – Jen Silver

The Circle Dance is Jen Silver’s first stand-alone novel after completing her Starling Hill Trilogy. Once again set in the hills of West Yorkshire and infused with wit and realism, it is a classic British romance. Each of Ms Silver’s characters are familiar, realistic, lightly but well drawn and all of them are on a […]

The Touch of a Woman – KG MacGregor

In The Touch of a Woman KG MacGregor has gone for the very traditional lesbian romance – mature women finding herself, the ‘will she wont she’, the slow burn and the out lesbian who knows she should run a mile. What makes this an interesting read beyond the standard plotline are unusual back-histories. Ellis and […]

Just Three Words – Melissa Brayden

I didnt read as much as normal over the spring and summer and missed some excellent titles. I also realised I had done Melissa Brayden a huge dis-service by not reviewing Just Three Words. So apologies for being behind the times. I loved this book. It is well written, has excellent and endearing characters, a charming […]

The Princess and the Prix – Nell Stark

Following on from The Princess Affair Nell Stark continues her theme of European Royals discovering their sexuality and finding romance in unusual places. It isn’t precisely a sequel, but those who loved Kerry and Sasha wont be disappointed. Here we meet Princess Alix of Monaco, the brainy one who hasn’t had time to find herself, […]

Deliberate Harm – J.R.Wolfe

Deliberate Harm is a fast-paced thriller in the style of Cussler and other madcap action adventures where they leap from one crisis to another. I have mixed feelings about the characterisation – but it’s fun to read as long as you can suspend disbelief. It tells the tale of Portia Marks, ex army protective detail, […]