The Shape of You – Georgia Beers

Ms Beers has the knack of creating interesting plot and character which, while sticking to the romance formula, is never formulaic. The Shape of You brings together a slightly grumpy personal trainer forced to take a class she doesn’t even agree with, bringing out her inherent prejudices, and a woman who has given up making […]

The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

Lindsey McDermott is devastated by the loss of her family. She retreats to the family cabin in the Texas hills, gets a puppy and tries to just get through the days. In the next property over Hannah Larson is recovering from the death of her husband. She decided to take a year out, selling the […]

Captains Choice – VK Powell

Bennett Carlyle gets promoted to Police Captain and handed the project managing the redesign of the new sub-station building. Uncomfortable taking on something she has no experience with, she knows she needs to succeed to prove herself to her team and her boss. When it turns out the architect is her high school crush, who […]

Picture Perfect – Lisa Moreau

Two photographers, one working for a slightly seedy local photographic studio, the other tied to her family business. Both dream of escaping the small worlds they feel trapped in, one by expectation and tradition, the other by her absolute fear of crossing the water to get off the island. Repeatedly the top two contestants for […]

Set the Stage – Karish Walsh

Arden is a gardener at the local park, following in her grandad’s footsteps. She has a creative spark but resists adding her own design to the landscaping despite her obvious skills.  Lithia Park is the home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s open-air performances, with which she has a love hate relationship; she adores Shakespeare and […]