1140 Rue Royale – Karen Badger

This is an interesting and unusual book, based on a horrible period of history, brought to life by the impact on two likeable and loveable modern women. Two scientists, together over twenty years, living in NYC, and like many long term relationships they have stopped paying attention, work has taken over, the relationship is drifting. […]

A Quiet Death – Cari Hunter

This is the third book in Cari Hunters “Dark Peak” series, it stands alone, but the back-history is nice to have and all three are absolutely excellent thrillers with a side order of gentle romance. Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr. Meg Fielding have been friends forever; supporting each other as they fought to escape the […]

Paradox Valley – Gerri Hill

Well this was different. Gerri Hill’s latest takes her supernatural series to a whole new level mixing paranormal, 1950’s scifi and a gentle romance which is definitely not the main storyline. Dana has run home to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado to escape an extremely premature marriage proposal. When everybody feels the earth tremble […]