The Carousel – Stefani Deoul

I absolutely loved “The Carousel”. It’s the tale of a lost women, literally, figuratively, emotionally, physically, who accidentally finds a dismembered carousel in a small town junk yard, and in saving the carousel not only saves herself but the small town community she was just passing through. Glorious characters, good, bad and ugly, in depth […]

Beowulf for Cretins – Ann McMan

Take one rather lost and lonely English professor and sit her next to a gorgeous, intellectual and amusing woman on a flight to San Francisco. Bring them back together for a madcap costume party that evening, and make both of them brave enough to step out of their comfort zones and “go there”. That’s the basic […]

An Outsider Inside – RJ Samuel

R J Samuel’s latest novel “An Outsider Inside” is a polychromatic phantasmagoria – a constantly moving kaleidoscope of colour and character in which very few of the myriad players stand still long enough to be observed. The overarching themes of identity, love, trust and belonging weave together as we move backwards and forwards between the life of […]

Goldenrod – Ann McMan

Book 3 in the Jericho series takes us back to the small Virginia town and the lives of Maddie and Syd. Henry’s father is back, meaning Henry is now only a sleepover visitor, despite having his own cow at the farm. Roma Jean is growing up, Michael’s taken up Soul Food, David has political ambitions […]

Life In Death – M Ullrich

This is a powerful and moving book about two difficult subjects written in an unusual and clever style. Mary and Suzanne Dempsey are happily married, settled and solid. Then their adorable daughter Abigail is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Suddenly their almost perfect world is torn apart and rather than pull together the cracks deepen, almost […]

Cast Me Gently – Caren J. Werlinger

Cast Me Gently is a story of growing up, of loneliness, of coming out and the transformative affects of falling in love. Caren Werlinger always writes intriguing novels about complex and very real people. Once again her well-crafted plot and elegant prose transport us into the lives of her characters with all consuming intensity. Ellie […]

Backcast – Ann McMan

It is so much harder to review a great book than it is to review a good book. With a good book you can slam dunk that it’s a good story with good characters, say you liked it and you are done. When you read remarkable books, you have to think about it so much […]