Hiding Hearts – RE Bradshaw

R. E. Bradshaw’s 2x Great Aunt was known as the greatest horsewoman in Wayne County, North Carolina. Wild and untamed, living her life her way, she has inspired Bradshaw to begin a new series which starts at the tail end of the Civil War in Goldsborough, NC. The county is bracing itself for the arrival […]

Shaken to the Core – Jae

Returning to US history after a break from her ‘Oregon’ series Shaken to the Core is a romance set around the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. From introducing our heroines before disaster hits, through the horror of the earthquake and subsequent fires, and on to the immediate aftermath, Jae leads us through the events that unfolded […]

Daughter of Mystery – Heather Rose Jones

Daughter of Mystery: surprisingly traditional. In Daughter of Mystery Heather Rose Jones captures the essence of the sweeping epic often pervasive in speculative fictional works with the largess of language and intricacy of tale.  Like other authors in this genre following in the wake of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jones encountered the difficulty of creating a […]