Beowulf for Cretins – Ann McMan

Take one rather lost and lonely English professor and sit her next to a gorgeous, intellectual and amusing woman on a flight to San Francisco. Bring them back together for a madcap costume party that evening, and make both of them brave enough to step out of their comfort zones and “go there”. That’s the basic […]

It Pours – CD Cain

Book 2 of Chambers of the Heart series begins exactly where When It Raynes left off. For those of you who expressed frustration about the lack of a complete arc in book 1, it is clearly a giant 4 part work, the size of War and Peace, rather then a 4 part series. This section focuses […]

When it Raynes – CD Cain

You know sometimes when you read a new book by a new author and just get swept away? CD Cain’s first book, and the beginning of a four part series, is a classic in the making. I literally can’t wait for book two. Set in the south with the delightful backdrop of the Louisiana bayou […]