Say Her Name – Stefani Deoul

Stefani Deoul’s latest in the Sid Rubin series came out yesterday and if you haven’t started this series then you are seriously missing a wonderful ride, and if you have, then get this one in your hands as soon as possible. The series is Emerging Adult (which Amazon can’t cope with yet) and follows the […]

Galileo – Ann McMan

There are some authors who can write nearly anything with style and grace, it doesn’t matter which genre they pick, their literary elegance overshadows the sub-genre. Ann McMan has the style to carry of anything, the grace to deal with an extremely difficult subject, and the wit to make you laugh while reading it. Galileo […]

High October – Elena Graf

It is a refreshing change to read a story about two more mature women, aged 58 and 60 at the start of the novel. They have a lifetime of memories, happiness and sadness, baggage – good and bad – as well as broken hearts and life changing regrets, and it makes them totally real. College […]

Fire and Ice – Rachel Spangler

Following on from romances set in the worlds of tennis, snowboarding and baseball, Rachel Spangler’s latest sports romance follows the rapid rise of a curling team, and in particular their outstanding “Skip” Callie Mulligan. Callie is obsessed with her ‘real’ job – curling – and has fought off the negative attitude of everyone from family, […]

A Heart This Big – Cheyenne Blue

Nina runs a small farm she inherited and is determined to keep going, despite increasing pressure from a bullying property developer. When a child is injured riding as part of her program for disadvantaged kids both the farm, her livelihood and her daughter, Phoebe’s, self-confidence are threatened Fighting for everything she holds dear Nina approaches […]

Breathe – Cari Hunter

Jemima is a paramedic in the north of England with a terrible habit of getting the worst cases and losing her partners because of it. Bumping into Rosie, an easy going copper, brightens her day and gives her at least one person who doesn’t want to run away. But as storms hit, the water rises […]

Under your Skin – Lee Winter

A great follow up to “The Red Files” where we met Lauren and Catherine as the bickering reporters stuck in the gossip and entertainment section – rivals who fell in love over a hot story. Now an established in DC Catherine has returned to her cutting stories of political intrigue while Lauren struggles to find […]

Beautiful Accidents – Erin Zak

This is an interesting and amusing romance, traditional in the overall arc but with some twists that make it stand out. Its an age gap romance for a start (late 20s and late 40’s), and neither of the main characters want a romance – both have absolutely solid life choices which they have no intention […]