Stefani Deoul

Say Her Name – Stefani Deoul

Stefani Deoul’s latest in the Sid Rubin series came out yesterday and if you haven’t started this series then you are seriously missing a wonderful ride, and if you have, then get this one in your hands as soon as possible. The series is Emerging Adult (which Amazon can’t cope with yet) and follows the […]

The Carousel – Stefani Deoul

I absolutely loved “The Carousel”. It’s the tale of a lost women, literally, figuratively, emotionally, physically, who accidentally finds a dismembered carousel in a small town junk yard, and in saving the carousel not only saves herself but the small town community she was just passing through. Glorious characters, good, bad and ugly, in depth […]

Zero Sum Game – Stefani Deoul

Stefani Deoul has an amazing knack for creating an absolutely brilliant, light-hearted, witty and fun adventures based on the geekiness of a bunch of high school seniors. That may not be a shocking concept but what is shocking is how totally enthralling the stories are when those seniors are literally light years away from our […]

On a LARP – Stefani Deoul

Take one super bright, smartarse teen geek, add in a bunch of high school friends with super fast brains and even faster fingers, and we have the super-sleuth crazy gang of the techno age. Sidonie Rubin is a teenager with a conscience and life threatening observation skills. When she makes a passing comment about a […]