R.E. Bradshaw

Hiding Hearts – RE Bradshaw

R. E. Bradshaw’s 2x Great Aunt was known as the greatest horsewoman in Wayne County, North Carolina. Wild and untamed, living her life her way, she has inspired Bradshaw to begin a new series which starts at the tail end of the Civil War in Goldsborough, NC. The county is bracing itself for the arrival […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for RE Bradshaw

So I asked Goldie and Lammy finalists 6 questions. Despite having concussion, publishing one new book, writing a short story and renovating her house, R.E. Bradshaw answered in less than 12 hours. A-MAZ-ING. For anyone who doesn’t know and love Decky (where HAVE you been?) here’s a short bio: 2013 Rainbow Awards First Runner-up for Best […]