Passionate Rivals – Radclyffe

When former lovers are thrown together in a high intensity and competitive environment anger and sparks are bound to fly. Emmett and Sydney are suddenly on the same track, same year and same expectations of being the best, but there is only ever one chief. Radclyffe’s Quinn and Honor series was always one of my favourites, […]

Heart Stop – Radclyffe

Two interesting women meet and clash personalities as they are forced to work together in the ME’s department. Assistant chief medical examiner Olivia Price is emotionally cut off and distant. She resents having somebody forced on her who hasn’t passed through the normal channels. Jay “Flash” Reynolds was a high-flying trauma surgeon until an accident […]

The Color of Love – Radclyffe

Derian Winfield is the typical bad boi butch. Rich beyond most people’s dreams, rebellious and bored, she spends her life on the Formula One circuit holding parties, smoozing donors and picking up women – women with whom she is unfailingly polite but who mean less than an excellent bottle of scotch. When her beloved aunt, […]

Secret Hearts – Radclyffe

The new Rad is an excellent lightweight traditional romance: quick and easy with little angst and a sweet charm. Kip comes from money and power, but finds herself on the wrong side of at least a misdemeanour when she tries to make sure her brother doesn’t drink and drive. Being assigned to 400 hours of […]

Love On Call – Radclyffe

Back to the Rivers family Hospital and ex –army medic physician-assistant Glenn Archer is the permanently on call ER PA who works to atone for the lives she couldn’t save. She is the typical cut-off true romantic who no longer believes she is fit for anything except work. Mariana Mateo arrives in town to join […]

Wild Shores – Radclyffe

Just finished Radclyffe’s newest novel in the “First Responder” series: a great read. This time the main characters get it on, hot and spicy, before the shocking dénouement and we are left wondering whether they can overcome their differences. Can the untold secrets be forgiven, or will the truth be too much to bear? Set […]

Price of Honor – Radclyffe

“Price of Honor” starts immediately where Book 8 of the Honor Series —“Code of Honor”—left off. Cameron Roberts is recovering from her abduction by the domestic terrorist “Patriot” group that is determined to overthrow President Andrew Powell, but the political timetable doesn’t slow down to wait for her recovery. Blair Powell has promised to support […]