KG MacGregor

Trial By Fury – KG MacGregor

Trail By Fury takes the ‘old boy’ attitude of Universities and exposes it for the outrage it is. Picking up on the ‘locker room’ mentality of Trump, MacGregor has written a fine piece of fiction to highlight the reality. Performance Studies Professor Celia Perone is horrified when one of her pupils is viciously raped, humiliated […]

The Touch of a Woman – KG MacGregor

In The Touch of a Woman KG MacGregor has gone for the very traditional lesbian romance – mature women finding herself, the ‘will she wont she’, the slow burn and the out lesbian who knows she should run a mile. What makes this an interesting read beyond the standard plotline are unusual back-histories. Ellis and […]

T-Minus Two – KG MacGregor

Twenty-seven-year-old Mila Todorov has wanted to go into space since the age of thirteen, when she followed the heroics of NASA astronaut Major Jancey Beaumont. Now, with a PhD in Engineering and as creator of a revolutionary new propulsion system, she has a chance to make that dream come true as she competes for a […]

Anyone But You – KG MacGregor

An underground pipeline has ruptured, spilling oily sludge into Minnesota’s pristine Lake Bunyan. Taking the media’s heat for Nations Oil is Corporate Communications Director Cathryn Mack, an old pro when it comes to spinning the facts in her company’s favor. Stuck in Duluth to handle the press during eight weeks of cleanup, she finds a […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for KG MacGregor

KG has in the past picked up Goldies for Without Warning, Worth Every Step and Photographs of Claudia (Contemporary Romance), along with Secrets So Deep and Playing with Fuego (Romantic Suspense). An avid supporter of queer literature, KG currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Lambda Literary Foundation. She divides her time between […]