Jen Silver

Calling Home – Jen Silver

Sarah Frost manages the Frost Foundation and several writers retreats around England. Her favourite, The Lodge on the Lake, is set on a small island somewhere in the North and managed by her childhood friend Berry. The women share a dark background, escapees from a hippie commune gone wrong, and as always Sarah was the lucky […]

Changing Perspectives – Jen Silver

Dani Baker is an artistic director with a high-flying career and successful business who lives her life on the edge of ‘polite’ society. Wearing grunge with pride, a leather dyke who likes S&M and regularly visits very private members clubs, she is used to being judged and sneered at for her life choices. Camilla Callaghan […]

Running From Love – Jen Silver

Beth and Sam have been together 14 years, married two, and as far as Sam is aware everything is settled and solid. She comes home from a business trip to find her wife gone, her cat in kennels and her life in tatters. Pulling herself through the dark times and never quite accepting Beth has […]

The Circle Dance – Jen Silver

The Circle Dance is Jen Silver’s first stand-alone novel after completing her Starling Hill Trilogy. Once again set in the hills of West Yorkshire and infused with wit and realism, it is a classic British romance. Each of Ms Silver’s characters are familiar, realistic, lightly but well drawn and all of them are on a […]

Arc Over Time – Jen Silver

Following on from her first novel Starting Over Jen Silver’s sequel is an excellent examination of the ups and downs of grown up relationships. Dr Kathryn Moss is still obsessed with Ellie Winters, despite Ellie’s obvious commitment to and happiness with wife Robin. Despite her unrequited yearning the buttoned up professor has continued her affair […]