Just for Show – Jae

It really doesn’t look good when you are a relationship therapist and your fiancée leaves you just before the wedding, and it is even worse when you are trying to establish your name by publishing a self-help book titled “The Art of the Lasting Relationship”. For Claire, OCD, neat freak psychologist with ambitions to run […]

Perfect Rhythm – Jae

Well this was refreshingly different. Leo Blake is a burned-out pop star being driven too hard by her manager. When she gets a call to say her father has had a stroke she welcomes the chance to step off the treadmill, even though she doesn’t want to go home to small town America and a […]

Falling Hard – Jae

Jordan is a player, honest, straightforward and caring about it, but a one-night-stand or friends with benefits type of woman, nothing else. She puts her energy into her job as a surgeon and her fun time is strictly that. Her mother’s decision to give up a career for a family has left a deep felt […]

Heart Trouble – Jae

Jae has taken a new tack with her latest novel, Heart Trouble, and branched out into a medical drama. The premise is unusual, gives her a really wide scope to explore emotional connections – and would fit into a paranormal category. Dr Hope Findlay is an emotionally repressed ER doc who hs devoted her life […]

Shaken to the Core – Jae

Returning to US history after a break from her ‘Oregon’ series Shaken to the Core is a romance set around the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. From introducing our heroines before disaster hits, through the horror of the earthquake and subsequent fires, and on to the immediate aftermath, Jae leads us through the events that unfolded […]

Just Physical – Jae

Another of the Hollywood Series, in Just Physical we follow the story of Jill Corrigan, who we met as Grace’s best friend and co-star in Damage Control. As with others in the series the books are linked, but not interdependent, and if you haven’t read the earlier titles this stands alone as a very good […]

Dress-tease – Jae

This isn’t a long review. It isn’t a long short story.. but OH MY it’s hot. I went to start reading Jae’s new Hollywood Series release Just Physical and imagine my shock to find I had missed one in the series.. quelle horreur. So I am a series junkie, I admit it. Maybe I will […]

Damage Control – Jae

Grace Durand is at the top of her game, hot romantic and rom-com actress who gets to choose her roles and seems to live the dream life. Except, of course her life is constrained by all the expectations placed upon her since she started modelling diapers as a baby. Grace is about to turn 30, […]