Gerri Hill

The Neighbor – Gerri Hill

Laura bites the bullet and goes to live at home to help her mother, despite their frosty relationship. Stuck with writer’s block and needing a break she tackles the long-neglected yard which her mother had so lovingly tended before the accident. Listening to, then watching, then, quite frankly, spying on her nympho neighbour’s weekend pool […]

The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

Lindsey McDermott is devastated by the loss of her family. She retreats to the family cabin in the Texas hills, gets a puppy and tries to just get through the days. In the next property over Hannah Larson is recovering from the death of her husband. She decided to take a year out, selling the […]

Sawmill Springs – Gerri Hill

When two new cops join the local force in Sawmill Springs nobody had any idea the small town would need their big city skills. Homicide detective Murphy has escaped from the drug wars of Houston to a quieter life, while ex FBI agent Kayla is returning home to join her Police Chief father’s force after […]

The Roundabout – Gerri Hill

This isn’t my normal type of review – and there’s a spoiler about the storyline, so be warned. On the one hand this is a lighthearted enjoyable read about slightly older women in a small town searching for love. Its starts with a bunch of single friends and through a series of sometimes funny and sometime […]

Paradox Valley – Gerri Hill

Well this was different. Gerri Hill’s latest takes her supernatural series to a whole new level mixing paranormal, 1950’s scifi and a gentle romance which is definitely not the main storyline. Dana has run home to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado to escape an extremely premature marriage proposal. When everybody feels the earth tremble […]

Pelican’s Landing – Gerri Hill

This is a gem of a romance. Absolutely traditional and classic, lesbian/straight girl, falling in love but obstacles in the way.. and of course a happy ending. I read it on a beach and it was just the light and sunny escapism I love. Gerri Hill writes excellent books. All her traditional romances are different […]

Chasing a Brighter Blue – Gerri Hill

The newest Gerri Hill is another excellent read. Set in Colorado at Christmas, Ms Hill uses her knowledge of the outdoors as a wonderful backdrop to a charming romance. Reagan is the damaged and tormented Photojournalist, withdrawn and struggling to survive. Shelby is the daughter of an exclusive hotel chain owner. They are brought together […]