Fletcher DeLancey

Catalyst – Fletcher DeLancey

Following immediately on from Without A Front – The Warrior’s Challenge, Catalyst brings all our major players together for the Lancer’s bonding break. Set on a holiday resort island with gorgeous beaches and honeymoon cabins, Tal and Salomen are joined by their closest friends and family, including Captain Ekatya Serrado and Dr Lhyn Rivers. A […]

Vellmar the Blade – Fletcher DeLancey

Fletcher DeLancey’s Alsea series is wonderful. Brilliant world building, well -done scifi, excellent stories and absolutely top class characters who have already become our friends. Vellmar the Blade tells the story of Lead Guard Vellmar’s first Alsean ‘Olympics’ through the narration of a children’s bedtime story. It continues the world building by giving us more […]

Mac vs. PC – Fletcher DeLancey

Anna Petrowski is senior IT Tech at Oregon State. Her favorite luxury on the weekends is a sinful caramel mocha and a chocolate cherry scone at the Bean Grinder while she dreams of faraway places. When an attractive woman who is hogging her favorite table starts swearing at her laptop Anna’s first instinct is to […]