Cari Hunter

Alias – Cari Hunter

Cari Hunter writes exceedingly good books and this is the best yet. It starts with a literal “bang” when a car goes off the road in the Welsh hills leaving one woman dead and the other severely injured and suffering amnesia. Who she is and why she is there elude her, and us. Working with […]

No Good Reason – Cari Hunter

You know you are on to a good thing when the main characters are strong women who have worked their way out of tough childhoods into serious careers but have maintained their humanity and humour. When they complement each other emotionally as well as with skills and abilities. When their friends-with-benefits “relationship” creates a whole […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for Cari Hunter

Cari works full-time as a paramedic in the north of England and spends a lot of her spare time sleeping writing fiction. She is the author of Snowbound, Desolation Point, and Tumbledown. Desolation Point is a Goldie finalist in the Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure category. We asked her the 6 questions you posed on Facebook – and here are her replies. […]