Annette Mori

Captivated – Annette Mori

When you open an Annette Mori novel you literally never know quite what you are going to get. Her stories are all very different, quirky, with unusual characters and served with a huge dollup of humour. In ‘Captivated’ we meet Juliet who almost defies description. Beautiful, but completely unaware of it, she has suffered from […]

The Termination – Annette Mori

Annette Mori writes the most unusual books. No two have anything in common except for their distinctiveness. The Termination starts out as a seeming political thriller, prophetic and apt for the events which have happened since it was written, but resolves into a sweet traditional romance. The political thread of the story was clearly written, […]

The Review – Annette Mori

When a successful lesbian romance writer sets up a competition to meet her greatest fan, all manner of people can feel slighted and upset. Silver Lining, the author, knows who will win, as only one person has read the book pre-release, but she doesn’t expect the winners ex to get involved, or jealous stalkers to […]

Locked Inside – Annette Mori

This is an unusual tale and definitely caught my attention. Belinda has been in a comatose state for 6 years when a doctors daughter, Carly, notices the slightest of reactions to her voice. Carly devotes her volunteer time and persistent energy into not only helping Belinda begin the long road to recovery, but to ensuring […]