Breathe – Cari Hunter

Breathe – Cari HunterJemima is a paramedic in the north of England with a terrible habit of getting the worst cases and losing her partners because of it. Bumping into Rosie, an easy going copper, brightens her day and gives her at least one person who doesn’t want to run away. But as storms hit, the water rises and a murder inquiry turns nasty, Jem and Rosie need all their good luck to come out of it together and unscathed.

This is Cari Hunters first romance… but fans of her earlier action adventures (with a hit of romance) won’t be disappointed. As the blurb and my brief description indicate it’s not exactly a saccharin “girl meets girl and falls in love” tale. The crime element centres around child grooming and trafficking, the weather has a major voice in the action and the run down and derelict back end of town does it’s best to add drama.

Cari writes with her usual wit, this one is firmly grounded in northern colloquialisms, sarcasm and English humour. The characters are well developed and adorable in their normality, full of recognisable faults and deficiencies, they are literally the girls next door. Ably supported by a great cast of characters we could definitely do with a follow up to fill out the ‘what happens next’ of the romance and family reactions.

The title is also perfection – Jem has chronic asthma which doesn’t help her with emergency responses, and the plot denouement will leave you gasping – literally.

Warning – if you cant cope with some English slang, and a wicked sense of humour you might not be delighted with this .. but if you dare step out of the box, enjoy some English culture and have fun learning about wellies, brollies and lots of taking the piss, then this is just a delightful read (Cari has even done a humorous translation page for non-British-English speakers

Excellent reading as always, Cari Hunter’s books are always on my go-to list and this one is highly recommended.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 278 pages
  • First published 2019
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (September 10, 2019
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