Lynette Mae

Lynette MaeLynette Mae left a small town in Pennsylvania to serve in the US Army. After her honorable discharge, she found herself in Florida, diving into a law enforcement career. Although completely challenging and satisfying, being a cop only fueled Lynette’s true passion: Writing. Her life’s rich experiences provide endless inspiration for action-packed stories with plenty of romance. When she’s not serving her community or writing, you can find LM running, weight training, or any number of physical pursuits. For quieter time, she’ll be curled up with a book, or just enjoying the day with her wife and their dogs.

LM’s first novel, Faithful Service, Silent Hearts was a GCLS finalist in Dramatic Fiction and Debut Author categories. Her follow up, Tactical Pursuit, was honored as a 2012 Lambda Literary Finalist and GCLS Finalist for Dramatic Romance.


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