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Ali SpoonerA native of Florida, I currently live and work in Memphis, TN. Home for me is Pensacola, Florida where I have a wife of twenty years, one son and a grandchild of two and one half years that has me wrapped completely around her little finger. Our other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats in Florida and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group.

A true daughter of the South, I love the bumper sticker that reads “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.” I enjoy spinning stories about the South, the strong, but gentle women and creatures that make it a wondrous place to live.

I grew up in a time when being a Florida “Cracker” was an honor and learned to ride a horse before I could ride a bicycle. My family raised and managed cattle herds for others, so a great deal of my youth was on the back of a horse, which has influenced several of my stories.

As an “Indie” author, I have been writing for many years as a hobby and after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 I decided to take a leap and start self-publishing with Smashwords where I have published over a dozen stories. My characters range from cowgirls and psychics, to a healthy dose of supernatural beings. I have written stand-alone titles and series. I frequently write several stories at a time, depending on which characters are bouncing around loudest in my head.

I enjoy receiving feedback from my readers and can be contacted at:

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Sugarland: 1 - Ali SpoonerSugarland
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Ali SpoonerBailey’s Run
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