Beyond the Trail – Jae

GCLS clean logoBeyond the Trail - JaeSix short stories which bring us tales from the lives of Backwards to Oregon and Hidden Truths

The Blue Hour: 1838. Lucinda Hamilton’s mother is a drunken prostitute. Her only friends the women who work the brothel. When her mother overdoses from laudanum and whiskey 12 year old Lucinda knows she needs to find a different way to survive or become another girl trapped by poverty.

Grasping at Straws: 1847.Business is down at the brother and stables but when ‘madam’ Tess Swenson, finds an unexpected visitor hidden in the straw she cant resist helping. Nora Macauley bravely states she will do anything to support herself and her unborn child

A Rooster’s Job: 1852. The Hamilton’s makeshift home is being swamped with unseasonably bad snow, there’s no food for the horses and Luke is feeling the strain. Surely Nora and the girls would be better off in town?

The Art of Pretending: 1856.When Tess starts losing money to a clever thief she sets out to track them down. First on her list is the illusive Frankie who seems to be somebody just like Luke. But as their paths cross Tess finds out Frankie is only like Luke in one important way.

The Christmas Oak: 1857. Christmas trees are a new concept, but if Nora wants one for the family Luke cant say no. When checking the herd she finds a visitor in the line shack who she also needs to take home for Christmas.

Swept Away: 1861. Amy is struggling with the growing pains of finding out who she is. When the great storm starts to flood the valley some of the neighbors are in danger, and Amy finds herself the heroine of the day. While she gains a 6 year old friend, she loses a dream.

Jae - biogJae’s books are always well written and have a coherence that makes them realistic. Here we gain six short stories which add background and detail to the Hamilton’s and those around them. From learning how Frankie and Phin appeared on the scene to explaining Amy’s isolation these lovely shorts help us gain a better background to Backwards to organ and Hidden Truths.

Delightful reading as always.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 156 pages
  • First published 2013
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing (April 24, 2013)
  • Language: English
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