A Heart This Big – Cheyenne Blue

A Heart This Big - Cheyenne BlueNina runs a small farm she inherited and is determined to keep going, despite increasing pressure from a bullying property developer. When a child is injured riding as part of her program for disadvantaged kids both the farm, her livelihood and her daughter, Phoebe’s, self-confidence are threatened

Fighting for everything she holds dear Nina approaches a well known attorney, literally begging for her help. Leigh is the archetypal city girl with no knowledge and little interest in farm life. But Nina’s passion for her program draws her in and Phoebe makes it hard to walk away.

The farm and the program are a heart-warming backdrop for this romance. The cast of volunteers adds depth, the menagerie adds colour and the threats and intrigue add just the right amount of suspense and angst to pull us in. Even the supposed baddie is fleshed out into a very real person despite her very human failings.

But what makes this an outstanding read is the main characters (all three) and their interactions. They are worlds apart in every way, but when the spark of interest ignites Cheyenne Blue slowly and gently reels them in. It’s slow-burn, they have plenty of time to get to know each other, time to bond and grow into something you just believe will last.

This is an absolutely charming story of two worlds colliding and making a much brighter whole.  Well written, well-paced and totally adorable. I genuinely loved this story in all its parts.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • First published 2019
  • Publisher: Ylva (June 17, 2019)
  • ASIN: B07T7YXMV3
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