A Fairytale of Possibilities – Kiki Archer

A Fairytale of Possibilities – Kiki ArcherLauren is the archetypal lesbian in love with her BFF. The best friend a girl could have, always there, always solid, never meeting her one true love, so never going off in her own direction, but secretly in agony – loving a straight girl. She spends her time being everything she can be to Rachel, supportive, caring, witty and fun, while on the inside she longs for more.

Rachel has never admitted to being a little bi-curious, or wondering why Lauren never made a play for her; she is certainly a bit of a player. But as she emerges from the grief of her husband’s death, Lauren’s place in her life and her heart becomes even more critical. And so begins a comedy of errors, of unspoken truths hidden behind flirty but guarded innuendo as both women have things to say but no way of saying them and it is, of course, the straight woman who must do the running.

Witty, sharp and clever this is definitely a laugh out loud romcom and the perfect entertainment for a night in front of the fire. The dialogue between Lauren and Rachel is first class and Trudy, Lauren’s madcap assistant, is absolutely brilliant. Archer certainly has the eye for a situation-comedy, and puts her characters into places where you can see the Monty Python moment coming from a mile away but it never fails to entertain.

It is literally full of laughs, both out loud at the comedic situations and internal as we recognise and empathise with the women trying to communicate or hide their secrets. There is plenty of romcom angst and drama, but there is also a serious undertone and darker shades which takes it from being a comedy into something more than a fairytale. Both women have things to learn, and the character development via horse whispering is absolutely hysterical.

Well written, cleverly put together and totally entertaining, this is an excellent way to drive out the winter blues. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: K.A Books (June 13, 2017)
  • ASIN: B0721QDM5L
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