“We need more, we need a Velvet Anthology”

FranknFurterOn this day.. well actually 11 months ago on the first day of GCLS Con, DC 2017, I walked into an almost empty vendor room, noticed Karin Kallmaker leaning on the wall and politely said “Hello” as I wandered past. I only expected a polite “Hi” in return, but instead got “Oh.. hi… um…”, which got my interest as you can imagine, “um.. have you seen the new anthology?” To which I replied that I hadn’t, was meaning to pick it up at some point. Karin then rather bashfully told me that “maybe you should, um, go read my story…”

So of course I went straight to the Bella table and picked up their fundraising anthology “Conference Call”, turned to Karins’ story and found myself – well the me in the frank’n’furter costume of the year before. Fame at last – mentioned in a Karin Kallmaker story. Just by walking across the hotel lobby in that outfit I had changed one young woman’s life forever – well in Karin’s short at least. I later found some odd resemblance to a tall, hazel eyed English woman with a cocky grin called Silky in Catherine Maiorisi’s “All’s Well That Ends Well”. Seriously.. fame.

Of course this became my story of the week, oft-told and laughed over. Until later that day I was repeating my tale to the wonderfully humorous Erica Abbott who promptly said.. “you need more, we need more… we need a Velvet Anthology”

And so the idea was born.

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