The Tropic of Hunter – Cheyne Curry

GCLS clean logoTropic of Hunter - Cheyne CurryHunter Roberge left home at 18, thrown out by a mother who has never loved her and who had always seemed angry. She left Otter Falls, Vermont, with nothing but her savings and started a new life in California. 16 years later she returns when her mother unexpectedly and rather bizarrely leaves Hunter her house and cat.

While determined not to engage in the small-town politics and family dynamics she had escaped, Hunter finds herself pulled back into the old relationships. She is delighted to be welcomed home by her older brother and finds it impossible to resist baiting her  younger sibling. But when she meets her best friend from school on her first night home she quickly starts to realise that people are not who she thought they were.

Hunter is bemused by her mother’s actions and intrigued by who the people she left behind have become. Her journey home will change her life forever in unexpected ways.


Cheyne Curry’s novel is a delightful mixture of social commentary, suspense and romance. It is written with great insight into family dynamics and knowledge of just how much appearances can be deceptive.

Hunter has grown up looking out for herself. She thinks of herself as a good judge of character and is confident that she knows who is on her side. As the novel progresses she realises that she has been wrong on nearly every count and that those she thought were friends either didn’t know her for who she is or hid their real character for their own reasons. These interactions lead her to realize that not only have some people changed, most were never who she thought they were.

Ms Currie has created an intriguing range of players from the unexpected homophobe to the socially competent psychopath. Both the main actors and the supporting cast are exceptionally well drawn. The main characters a likeable – we want them to work things out and find a good resolution to the challenges they face.

Cheyne CurryThe plot has several unexpected twists which distinguish it from so many lesbian romance’s and the resolution of Hunter’s family dynamics will certainly not be something you could have predicted. As well as great characters well-written suspense and intriguing family dynamics the novel is also full of delightful humour and lightly drawn comedy such as the sad fate of Vicky the canvasser.

The romance is delightful, the story behind the old family dynamics is insightful and the real reasons why Hunter was left her mother’s house will definitely be a surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tropic of Hunter. Sometimes it is good to recognize that not everything can turn out rosy and yet still find a joyful silver lining.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 230 pages
  • First published 2013
  • Publisher: Blue Feather Books (September 2, 2013)
  • Language: English
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To buy the Kindle edition – click here.
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