Trial By Fury – KG MacGregor

Trial By Fury - KG MacGreogorTrail By Fury takes the ‘old boy’ attitude of Universities and exposes it for the outrage it is. Picking up on the ‘locker room’ mentality of Trump, MacGregor has written a fine piece of fiction to highlight the reality.

Performance Studies Professor Celia Perone is horrified when one of her pupils is viciously raped, humiliated by social media photos and then ignored by the campus authorities. When Celia tries to take up her cause she is threatened by the University. Hoping for a chair, but infuriated by the callous response of the administration, she is determined to take it further.

Theo Constantine is a high profile women’s rights attorney regularly contacted by the rich and famous for celebrity divorces, a champion of sexual abuse cases and the heroine of class action suits for inequality. When Celia turns up with her tale of an institutionalised rape culture Theo knows this is a fight she needs to take on, but recognises that there is slim chance of creating a civil case under the current Georgia statues.

Forging ahead with what is always going to be a controversial battle, Theo and Celia are determined to not just get justice for Celia’s student, but bring down the administration that has created such a monstrous system of sweeping rape under the carpet to protect its reputation.

KG MacGregorKG MacGregor has taken a difficult subject and made it into an extremely readable courtroom drama with a side order of romance. The stories of the women are horrible, the actions of the authorities are callous and uncaring, and yet Theo and her team care so much, and fight so hard, that we are left with a sense of fortitude and strength rather than depressed by the harsh reality.

The characters are solid, complex and passionate. The plot is full of fact and detail, well researched and unfortunately undeniably credible. The story arcs beautifully from celebration to celebration, yet keeps us on the edge of our seat with the angst of the battle, the facts of the situation, and the personal cost of taking up the fight.

The romance is definitely secondary, but adds a subtle lightness to what could be an overwhelmingly stressful story. Initially reluctant to engage for ethical reasons Theo cannot resit Celia’s passion for justice that so clearly matches her own. Yet it is ultimately that passion that will strain their relationship.

Excellent reading, highly recommended. Not an easy read in terms of the subject, but with iKG MacGregor’s first-rate writing style, fast paced action and a sweet romance this is definitely one of the books of the year.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bella Books (May 31, 2016)
  • ASIN: B01GAM5T3O
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