The Touch of a Woman – KG MacGregor

Touch of a Woman - KG MacGregorIn The Touch of a Woman KG MacGregor has gone for the very traditional lesbian romance – mature women finding herself, the ‘will she wont she’, the slow burn and the out lesbian who knows she should run a mile.

What makes this an interesting read beyond the standard plotline are unusual back-histories. Ellis and her family have been devastated by a workplace shooting rampage that has left them both emotionally and financially bereft. They are all trying to find a way to deal with the after-effects and MacGregor subtly explores the dynamics of a mother and her young adult children recovering from the devastation.

Summer has finally managed to escape from an alcoholic co-dependent and emotionally abusive relationship, and is dealing with issues we will all recognise – who gets the friends, the social life, and how to stop the ex causing a scene.

KG MacGregorThe women become friends, and it really is a slow burn, but it is well done. The characters are well drawn, complex women, who will resonate with many. And their tender attraction is a reminder that real life isn’t always about the grand passion, but a gentle falling.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 213 pages
  • First published 2015
  • Publisher: Bella Books (December 19, 2015)
  • ASIN: B019L42VV6
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