The Addendum – Sandra Moran

The AddendumIf you haven’t read Nudge yet, why not? It is one of those books which stays in your thoughts, sort of lodges there as an idea and has a subtle but persistent effect on one’s semi-conscious mind.  Sandra’s first novel, Letters Never Sentjust won the Ann Bannon Popular Choice and Dramatic/General Fiction Golden Crown awards, again if you haven’t read it –really– why not? Based on that you might have expected Nudge to be another well-written and moving romance of some sort.

But Nudge is not a romance. Nudge is a story about the major religions and how they got to be how they are. It sounds heavy, and it is certainly thought provoking and intellectual, but in a way that even if you don’t have a huge knowledge of other religions, makes sense.

I reviewed Nudge here.. but as a synopsis, Sarah Sheppard, ambitious marketing exec and definite atheist, gets rather forcefully headhunted by a strange middle eastern man who claims to represent God, now called Infinity to be inclusive. The job is to write a book that will speak to everyone, across the religious divides. To explain to them what God – sorry Infinity – really meant and how far our religions have moved from the message he (oops IT) meant to send.

Mmmm I hear you say. I did too until I read it and got engrossed in the concept.. and the excellent writing. So Nudge is this rather radical atheist’s journey of learning, understanding, and self discovery.

So why, I hear you cry, are you blathering on about Nudge when it’s a review of The Addendum? Well, of course, the book Sarah Sheppard was recruited to write was an addendum to the religious texts. And Sandra Moran being – well – Sandra Moran, she couldn’t leave the concept of the book actually being written alone. So now we have a literal addendum to Nudge.. helpfully called The Addendum. (Bet you never thought to that was a word that was going to be banged into your head).

Whatever your view of religion, whatever your religion, The Addendum is an interesting read, although one has to say its existence is rather a plot spoiler for any suspense Nudge might have held.

Anyway – The Addendum introduces us to the major ‘Nudges’ that have appeared in the last 2000 years. These Nudges were sent by Infinity to ‘nudge’ humanity along, but as we have free will, and because the message of the nudges were often written after the fact, the religious texts do not always represent what Infinity intended. The Addendum is Infinity’s explanation and correction.

It is hugely interesting, informative, well researched and brilliantly written. Ms Moran’s editing has clearly made Ms Sheppard’s marketing copy immensely readable. Sandra Moran always makes you think. Whether it is a moving romance set across a time in history when being gay was a life threatening option, or challenging us to think about how our religions have been twisted and tormented into institutionalized bigotry and hatred of anything ‘other’. The Addendum is no exception and will make you take a second look at the major characters included – at how they impacted the world and what we, humankind, have done with the messages they brought.

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  • Paperback: 47 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Bedazzled Ink  (July 3, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00LJ8HDG6
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