Tender Heart – Ana P Corman

Dr Megan Summers loses her temper with her best friend and colleague Dr Drake in front of his realtor. When she has calmed down and reviews her behavior she knows that she has a lot of apologizing to do, to Drake and to the gorgeous Rebecca Rhodes who witnessed her outburst.

Her apologies lead to friendship and the romance between the women develops while they explore each others worlds. Surrounded by loving friends and family with amazing jobs and a wonderful home there is nothing out of place.

But then Rebecca is abducted by a crazed client and Dr Summers fears she could lose everything she cares about.


Having just read Celtic Knot I was really looking forward to this. And it is rare for me to be critical. But while the idea behind the plot is fine, and I can see that Ms Corman is trying to develop her characters this was a painful read and I struggled to make myself finish it.

The dialogue is stilted and unrealistic. The writing is good in sense of grammar and structure, but the language is repetitive and overflowing with superlatives. The tone is so over-joyous, sickly sweet and gooey it leaves a false saccharine taste.

In terms of the story, the underlying plot is fine but the timings unrealistic. While we all get the U-Haul scenario do adult professional women really fall in love and commit over one coffee break, start calling themselves ‘wife’ on the second date, agree to move in on the third day?

And the drama. Yes the plot needed something to break the saccharine sweetness of everybody bursting into laughter (3 times a page) and giggling (really?), and the abduction adds tension and suspense. But Rebecca has a gun in her purse that she seems to make no attempt to get for the longest time, for no good reason I can see. Megan smashes her mobile against a wall in angst and a broken arm is portrayed as a life threatening injury.

Looking at the bibliography available this was Ms Cormans fist novel and it feels like a teenage romance. The behaviors and language are immature and undeveloped, the plot is oversimplified and the theatre is melodramatic. Having read Celtic Knot first (Published 10 years later) I was extremely disappointed.

Sorry Ms Corman but this needed a lot more work.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 248 pages
  • First published 2000
  • Publisher: 1st Book Library (20 Aug 2000)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 158721878X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1587218781
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