Taste – Kris Bryant

Taste - Kris BryantKi Blake is in her final semester at culinary school and determined to win the coveted scholarship. She knows its between her and 2 others and intends to everything she’s got into the final term. When she walks in to her first class, late, she is stopped in her tracks by the gorgeous new instructor, Taryn Ellis.

Taryn has chosen to step back from being one of the top chefs in the city while she brings up her 5-year-old daughter on her own. Her new job at the Kirkwood Culinary Academy is both a way to earn a living, and to pass on the love of food that is central to her world.

Ki and Taryn have an instant attraction and their chemistry sizzles, but both know it’s a very bad idea to cross the line. Ki is leaving on that scholarship, and Taryn cant afford to lose her job for getting involved with a student.

This is an excellent traditional romance, well written, well conceived and well put together. Kris Bryant has given us a lovely warm hearted story about two real human beings with whom we can genuinely engage. There is no melodrama, no over blown angst, just two women with an instant attraction who have to decide first, how to deal with it and second, how much it’s worth.

Ki and Taryn are genuinely nice women, people we would love to meet, let alone have cook for us. Their passion for food matches their lust for each other and Ms Bryant uses the culinary school setting as an superb backdrop for the romance. The sub-plot of the lessons and experiences of the student chefs, the interaction of the characters and the believable angst over winning the scholarship all give a layer of interest and credibility.

Kris BryantA few of the secondary characters stand out, primarily Ki’s main competition, but it is Olivia, Taryn’s 5-year-old, who makes the most impact. Finely drawn and interesting in her own right there is a charming interaction between her and Ki that adds a genuine warmth to the story, and allows Ms Bryant to show the deep bond between Taryn and her daughter.

I really enjoyed this, light, warm, cheerful, entertaining with some delightful romance, hot sex and characters you are really rooting for. Perfect for an evening in front of the fire, preferably with a fine wine and some delicious nibbles.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (October 18, 2016)
  • ASIN: B01LXI13ZS

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