Tales From Sea Glass Inn – Karis Walsh

Tales From Sea Glass Inn – Karis WalshFour short romances which follow on and intertwine with the Original “Sea Glass Inn” and the lives of those who live in the small tourist village. An oil spill threatens to destroy the beautiful beach, the wildlife and the livelihood of the community. In the aftermath a collection of women are pulled together, some new, some already known, and in each short a romance unfolds.

Karis Walsh has an appealing and easy writing style that always makes her stories a pleasant read and a keen eye for human frailties that captures the interest. Here she pulls out the quirks of each woman and shows us who they are and what they struggle with in swift brush strokes.

The romances are necessarily fast, but despite that Ms Walsh gives us enough character development and angst to capture the imagination. Jenny and Helen need to overcome the patterns their upbringings have created. Ari and Jocelyn need to open up and let Karis Walsh biogsomebody in. Heather and Aspen are opposites, one driven and over ambitious, the other too scared to put herself out there, between them they make a perfect balance. Tam and Maggie must overcome the control they feel is essential, and the fears that caused their isolation. Throughout Pam and Mel, the Sea Glass Inn, and Cannon Beech pull them all together and give them a common context.

A thoroughly enjoyable read from a very good author, and a charming follow up to a definite favorite. The collection of stories stand alone, but if you enjoyed “Sea Glass Inn” there is an added bonus of seeing a snapshot from Pam and Mel’s ongoing lives together. A lovely summer read.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (12 July 2016)
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