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Remember Me – Syd Parker

GCLS clean logoRemember Me - Syd ParkerSamantha Adams is a lawyer working in her fathers firm. When she hears her Grandmother has passed away she feels little except some residual anger that the woman she barely remembers left them all behind when she was three. She is shocked and surprised when a parcel arrives and she finds that her Gran has recognized her in her will and left her letters and mementos. As far as she is aware her Gran left and never looked back.

To help her decide whether to honor her Grans last request for a trip down memory lane she turns to lesbian BFF, Ellis Hudson. Also a lawyer working for Sam’s Dad, Ellis harbors more than friendship for Sam, but with her background on the wrong side of the tracks and her fear of losing what contact she has, Ellis has never told Sam just how she feels. Instead she keeps her feelijgs locked away and poses as a player on the scene.

They decide to take the road trip across country, visiting Grandma Lou’s memories. Ellis can’t imagine a month without Sam and secretly hopes her friend will finally notice her. Sam knows she needs Ellis with her, but isn’t prepared to face up to why. The trip will make both of them confront their own fears and could be the make-or-break of their relationship.


This is an interesting story of love and loss. It is a thoughtful exploration of how one woman’s homophobia and anger can rip apart a family and the loss such hatred can cause.

Sam and El are wonderful characters. Intelligent, successful, warm and loving, yet humanized and made real by their inner battles and fear. Sam is scared of acknowledging who she is because the cost could be so high. Ellis is afraid to let go of her history and recognize who she has become in case she isn’t good enough for the woman she loves. The journey cross country shows both women that they need to let go of their past in order to really live their ‘now’ and to build their future.

The story is charmingly filled with memories of women’s baseball during the war years, a common thread which brought the earlier generation together and fills the trip with meaning. It gives a continuity of feel to our meetings with Sunny, Charlie and Lou. These three wonderful women barely take a backseat to Sam and Ellis, their presence is so strong. We meet Sunny and Charlie, but it is Lou that dominates the book. The strength of her character, warmth of her love and heartache of her loss, is the life story that makes Sam and Ellis finally understand what is at stake in their own lives.

Syd parker biogSyd Parkers writing is always hugely enjoyable. She is a master of character and creates people we really engage with. They are then set in a plot well researched and thought through which adds a realism to the story. As always this is well written and a joy to read.

Every story Syd writes is on my re-read pile and this is no exception. Her writing just gets better with each new book.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 242 pages
  • First published 2013
  • Publisher: Syd Parker Books (December 30, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00HMP67IA
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