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Uncommon Romance – Jove Belle

uncommon romance jove belleThree wonderful, sexually explicit and explosive novellas.

Be warned – if you don’t like reading sexplicit scenes including mild/moderate BDSM – don’t buy or read this book.

This is my first Jove Belle and as with any new author one never knows quite what to expect. The descriptions often don’t reflect the story and the writing style and editing standard can be a problem.

But this book is excellent. It’s well written and edited. The three stories have a plot,characters we can engage with, even character development going on. They just happen to be engaged in hot, raunchy sex while exploring their relationships, emotions and desires. I loved it! This will definitely not be my last Jove Belle, I recon on working though the backlist as soon as possible.

“Raw Silk” finds June, a junior finance associate, being pursued rather forcefully by a potential high ranking client, Kat. The attraction is instant and mutual, but June is married and fights the pull because her wife Ashlyn is far more important to her than anything else in her world.

When Ash starts exploring June’s attraction to Kat their sex heats up, but sparks really start to fly when Ash tells June to bring Kat home. Full of humor and an interesting exploration of just who wears the trousers in a non-b/f relationship, this is hot, steamy and definitely appeals to those who might fantasize about a threesome.

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In “On Her Knees” two women bump into each other for the first time in 10 years. The backstory is never completely filled in, but it is clear that the attraction was mutual, that Abby was a total bitch, outing and bullying Simone to protect herself. In the intervening years neither has really moved on, Simone is cold and hard from hurt, Abby seems warm and friendly, but is tightly closed off against love.

Into this history gets mixed up Abby bearding for her bff Gavin, which sparks Simone’s fear of being lied to and cheated on.

The pain is raw, the lust is powerful, the sex is amazing. The only question left is whether these two women can overcome their past hurt to form something more than a fleeting scene. Short and sweet – we still get all the emotion and feeling of two women who were clearly meant to be together but whose teenage angst and self-doubt has affected their lives at a most basic level.

“Hollis” is an FBI Special Agent in charge of terrorist training for a group of young FBI recruits – and one Portland Detective – Jude. From the moment Jude arrives at the FBI center the women recognize not only their attraction but their mutual tastes. Jude plays up, she’s a day late and then plays the difficult student until she gets the order she’s been waiting for; “I want you in my office”.

The women play an extremely raunchy BDSM game with each other over the first two weeks of the three-week course. By week three, however, something has started to change in how they interact, and both are clearly feeling slightly uncomfortable with the new sensations.

This is both an extremely hot story where we get to feel both women’s excitement and fulfillment through their role play, but also an interesting exploration of how two women who have never though of forming more than a short term play date can find themselves wanting something different.

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Uncommon Romance Product info:

  • Paperback: 211 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (January 12, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00HUBW5R8
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