Sea Glass Inn – Karis Walsh

GCLS clean logoSea Glass InnMel travels to the Oregan coast to refurbish and open a dilapidated hotel she bought on a whim, inspired by an artist in the local town, and reeling from the shock of an unexpected divorce. After years in a compromise marriage, she has a lot of thinking to do about her future.

Pam is a blocked artist. Clearly somebody with a huge level of creative talent, she has been suppressed by a bad relationship and a huge loss. Now she survives in a closed off world hiding from her art and the pain it brings her. Mel wants more of the artists work that inspired her to move to Cannon Beach and begin her dreams. Her relentless drive to re-create herself and determined desire for the sea-glass art will challenge both women, and change their lives.


Karis Walsh’s third book, excellently written and paced as always, takes us on a gentle but determined journey through two womens’ awakening. For one it is the birth of her ‘real’ self, hidden and denied for many years. For the other it is the drawing out of a buried talent and overcoming the fear of her pain and her creativity.

The small town and its characters are lovingly drawn. The Sea Glass Inn literally emerges before our eyes and most of us could probably walk round it and name the rooms and their art long after we have finished the book. The tale of Mels’ refurbishment is both amusing and touching as she fights to assert her independence. Karis Walsh biog

The story is well paced, with just enough tension to keep you turning the pages but without an overdramatic melodrama. Pam has huge demons to face in her journey, and her agony is well explored, but never overwhelms. Mel’s journey is gentler, but she has her own fears to overcome as she emerges from the past.

Loved it, another great read that will stay on my re-visit shelf.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 186 pages
  • First published 2013
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (January 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00B3ON4HS
Amazon.comTo buy the Kindle edition – click here. To buy the Paperback edition – click here. buy the Kindle edition – click here. To buy the Paperback edition – click here.

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