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I’ve been reading lesfic since before I came out in my early twenties. I have a passion for getting more eyes on lesbian characters in science fiction. I’ll read and review most anything but my special interest is scifi, fantasy and paranormal fiction. The harder the science fiction (more sciency rather than fantasy), the better I like it. The fantasy books I tend to enjoy are more like Dragon Riders of Pern sort of books.
When I write a review, I tend to try to not put spoilers into the review unless there is no way to avoid it and I will always give a warning if a spoiler is ahead. If/When my reviews make it to Amazon or Goodreads, I tend to save five (5) stars for something that really knocked my socks off. A good story with few grammatical mistakes usually will get a four (4) from me. Since I’m an editor in my day job, I’m particularly sensitive to grammatical mistakes. If it looks like my review will would be negative, I tend to try to contact the author with feedback rather than putting a bad review out on the internet forever.

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Liz – Cyborg Geek – Exploring the universe from the perspective of a being who prefers being devoid of any sort of label.

Reading anything that comes my way — including the cereal box. Writing short stories, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy. Spending extending periods of time locked up in my head ideas that seem unfathomable, yet still fascinating and wonderful to ponder. On the less intellectual side: working you.

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Sue – Velvet Lounger  – I have been reading Lesbian fiction for a very long time. I love to read – there’s a shock, but its more than just a love – it’s an addiction. With a voracious appetite I get through a book a day most days of the week – more when the sun is shining. With a degree in the History of Women’s Literature, a lifelong attachment to women and a definite penchant for romance I decided I wanted to start reviewing when I read bad reviews of Curious Wine and it made me mad enough to actually do something about it.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed I am a series junky and an author junky – so sometimes I just have to re-read all a series or all of an authors back catalogue. Just love getting really into the feel of a writers style or a series story. The hardest thing for me is rating books on Amazon and Goodreads. I love so many of them, but if I give them all 5 stars what happens when you get the most extraordinary book.. where do you go if everything is 5 star? So now the books I love get 4 – and only the very very special books get a five.”

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