Reasonable Doubt – Carsen Taite

Reasonable Doubt – Carsen TaiteTwo women, both determined to step away from fast paced lives and all consuming careers, dragged back into the fray by a terrorist bomb and the ensuing investigation. This is a good crime thriller concept with interesting twists and turns mixed in with a hard to resist romance.

As always Carsen Taite’s knowledge of the law makes for intriguing plots and she is extremely good at creating readable stories out of what could too easily become heavy-handed legal situations. There is enough drama and conspiracy away from the purely judicial to make for a fun ride.

The main protagonists are engaging and their supporting cast of friends and colleagues broad and varied. The range of characters adds a layer of interest and engagement to the overall experience. Ms Taite plays with the fact that deception can damage and destroy relationships we thought as solid, while casual friends can be the most reliable.

I did feel that the stereotyping was a little obvious, there are teenage psychopaths in every race and religion, but a gang of young Muslim terrorists, with white blonde girlfriends being used as suicide bombers, plays too easily on typecasting. Combined with some unfortunate homophone mistakes and untidy loose ends it left me with a sense of something unfinished.

I have genuinely loved all Ms Taite’s crime thrillers to date, so was rather disappointed to be left with a feeling this was oversimplified and, quite frankly, ended too quickly to tidy up all the story lines. I loved the concept of the plot, and the pull of the attraction, but was left, ultimately, unsatisfied.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • First published 2015
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (September 14, 2015)
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