Perfect Pairing – Rachel Spangler

Perfect Pairing - Rachel SpanglerI started the review I did of Rachel Spangler’s Does She Love You by saying I love her books.. and this latest story has not disappointed in any way.

Perfect Pairing is a charming mix of a traditional romance and personal growth, with a tasty mix of food truck inspiration thrown in. Two women, who on first appearances seem to have completely different life histories, turn out to have far more in common than either could imagine.

Hal has come up the hard way, surviving the foster care system and a mother who doesn’t have a clue how to be a parent, she has worked her way up to owning and running her own food truck, and become a celebrity chef among the hip and trendy scene. But her early years have left deep scars. Her way of protecting herself is to keep people at a distance, and keep her options open, never settling for anything that can be taken away.

Quinn has carved a life as a successful businesswoman with a sold position at a bank. She appears secure, sure and arrogantly white collar. But underneath the business suit is a woman who’s broken family and damaged childhood has left a deep crack. Unlike Hal, she covers hers with corporate success, working every hour, avoiding holidays, building a solid career she feels safe hiding behind.

Rachel Spangler bioPerfect Pairing is the tale of how these two women come together, first with a crash, then with a bang, and increasingly with mutual attraction only their fears can overcome. It isn’t a complex story, or an unusual romance, but what makes it stand out is the depth and multifaceted nature of these womens’ relationship, their inner struggles, their outward battles and their need to overcome the fear. Ms Spangler has taken what appears like two opposites and shown them to come from the same root, with different outcomes fed by how they have dealt with their lives.

A small but excellent supporting cast of friends and family, evocative settings, amusing renditions of the catering trade, hot sex and a healthy dose of cheese make this another excellent read. I particularly liked being reminded of the pleasures of PTown, and would travel a long way for that unnamed Lobstah sandwich.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bywater Books (June 20, 2016)
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