Paradox Valley – Gerri Hill

Paradox Valley – Gerri HillWell this was different. Gerri Hill’s latest takes her supernatural series to a whole new level mixing paranormal, 1950’s scifi and a gentle romance which is definitely not the main storyline.

Dana has run home to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado to escape an extremely premature marriage proposal. When everybody feels the earth tremble they assume it’s a small earthquake, and life goes on – except they have no power, the cars wont start and even the batteries are dead.

A military helicopter is sent to investigate and goes off radar, causing the CO in charge to send in a squad of troops, and his General to send in Captain Conaway to investigate. When she meets up with Dana and her lifelong friend Butch, she quickly enlists their help, and their horses, to aid her in her mission.

So Gerri Hill sets the scene for the most ‘out there’ of her spooky paranormal series to date. The humor and the great writing remain the same. The far –fetched storyline and outcome continue in the vein of ‘Keepers of the Cave’ and ‘Weeping Walls’, but takes on a whole new level of scary movie tension.

Gerry Hill biogThe characters in this are well done. Danna, Butch and the Captain are complex and interesting, and the addition of their elderly neighbour Jean to the posse adds a lovely twist. There is a large supporting cast, all drawn with Ms Hill’s sharp observation of human nature and behaviour, however brief their appearance. There is also the most intelligent and loyal dog – definitely the hero of the whole show.

My only criticism is aimed at the classification – this book does not belong in the romance category. Yes there is a slow burn attraction and gentle romance, but it is decidedly the sub plot. The characters involved are too busy with the paranormal to have a romance. I think the classification is misleading and will upset Gerri Hill’s romance fans, who will be disappointed, and misses the chance to get to the lesbian paranormal/horror fans. Difficult within the confines of Amazons system, but true never the less.

If you like scifi/paranormal with a side order of a sweet romance and like needing the lights on when you read.. this is definitely the book for you. I enjoyed it, and will definitely read the implied sequel.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 322 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bella Books (July 26, 2016)
  • ASIN: B01J8VEQH4
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