Out on the Panhandle (The Adventures of Decky and Charlie) R. E. Bradshaw

Out on the PanhandleIn this, the second Decky and Charlie novel, we have jumped forwards two years and find the happy couple going off to Oklahoma to visit Charlie’s family for the first time. Decky has been working on the Warren family tree and wants to find out more about Charlie’s mysterious Comanche heritage and in particular the elusive great great grandparents Merdy and Grace.

Take a girl from the beach and dump her in the Boomer state with several hundred of Charlie’s relatives and friends, a psychotic fundamentalist sister-in-laws, Cow Pat throwing competitions and a huge family secret and you have the makings of a great read.

As the story unfolds we intermingle the current LGBT struggle for family recognition and acceptance with an amazing historical tale.


R.E Bradshaw is a great storyteller and this is no exception. The book is full of laughter and love as well as heartbreakingly sad moments – definitely have the Kleenex close to hand.

She seamlessly melds the old and new into a really interesting story line which takes us another stage along the Decky and Charlie romance. Looking forward to the next one.


Product info:

  • Paperback: 343 pages
  • First published 2012
  • Publisher: R. E. Bradshaw Books (28 Sep 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0983572097
  • ASIN: B009JA9R1K
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