London Calling – Clare Lydon

London CallingJess Sharp has been in Oz for 3 years, trying to live her dream of an adventurous life. But when she finds herself bored with her job and losing her girlfriend London is calling her home.

Single, jobless and living in her parent’s spare room wasn’t part of her life plan. But as she starts to re-establish herself a new Jess emerges. A change of careers, a friends spare room and a whole heap of matchmakers make for an interesting life.

When she meets the woman of her dreams her heart is smitten, but a series of events involving one night stands, tequila shots, hen nights and ex-girlfriends may be too much for their fledgling romance. Can they work through the chaos or will Jess drive her away with silly mistakes?


London Calling – what an apt title. Clare Lydon’s first novel is a wonderful Rom-Com that follows a traditional romance plot, but is far better than the average LesFic fare.

The plot is full of comedic opportunities. It is well thought through and works well as a coherent storyline, creating a fast moving page-turner where we soon wonder what could possibly go wrong next. The sup-plots are clever, weaving in and out of Jess’s life, adding variety, and building her characters, but always adding to the main story.

Ms Lydon’s descriptions of London are excellent. Just enough to build up a scene around the plot, but not too heavy handed or long winded. For those of us who know London it hits all the right buttons for recognition. For those who don’t it will give you an excellent taste – Clare has caught the tone of the city perfectly.

The characters are people we would recognize on the street. From the self-centered girlfriend to the angry one night stand, the drunken best friend to the manic bride to be, Ms Lydon has an amazing talent for capturing the essence of a personae with light brush strokes. Jess’s constant self-doubt is something we will all empathize with, and Lucy is just adorable.

In among all the chaos is a lovely tale of a hot crush and new love, starting with a wistful hope and building into a life changing want. There is a great sexual tension and the sex is hot and steamy, but without being unrealistic – for once the heroine doesn’t morph into a porn star in the bedroom… or the lounge.. or the hall.

Clare Lydon BioBut for me what makes this stand out head and shoulders is the comedy. It is quintessentially British, a tale of minor disasters which constantly derail Jess’s hopes without being too heavy. Our heroine has to work to get out from one thing after another. The farce is clever and witty – hugely entertaining and a joyous read.

And for our American cousins this will be a great adventure. British wit, London geography, and English idioms that might be a challenge, but are well worth the effort.

Altogether a top-notch Rom-Com that will keep you rooted to your seat, a page-turner without any unnecessarily dramatic twists, but realistic characters that make you want to know what happens next. Well crafted, well written – well done!

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 242 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Custard Books (February 24, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00IN36K6E
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To buy the Kindle edition – click here.
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