The Job – Jove Belle

The JobThe Job is one of those books you pick up and don’t want to out down, even when you reluctantly come to the end. From the beginning the characters and action adventure plot reach out and capture your mind, heart and imagination.

Sera Warren is an undercover FBI agent trying to use her job with a mobster to dig out information about the domestic terrorist group he is funding. When one of her ‘team’ discovers the truth she finds herself caught in the middle of a cross between a bank robbery and a terrorist bombing. Add in that they are robbing her ex-girlfriends bank, and the pressure to be the perfect super-hero agent who saves the innocent and stops the baddies is overwhelming.

find out more about Jove BelleThis is a fast paced tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The odds are overwhelming and the tools to hand are minimal, but you just will Sera to make it happen. Ms Belle has done an excellent job of keeping us engaged throughout as the baddies continue to show their callous disregard for life.

On top of it all is the bittersweet romantic flashbacks to the college days of Sera and Tara, made for each other and deeply in love but neither strong enough to make a stand. 15 years later and the chemistry is obvious. But realizing the love of your life is now a bank robber may take some getting over.

Well written, cleverly conceived and with wholly engaging characters, this is an excellent read and I sincerely hope it leads to a series of Sera Warren adventures.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (October 13, 2014)
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