The interim – AJ Adaire

the InterimWhen Melanie catches her girlfriend kissing the local flirt she finds it impossible to get over her infidelity. She ups sticks and moved to Maine to start a new life, despite Tracy begging her to stay.

In Maine she meets the beautiful and illusive Ren who is still emotionally cut off and distant after losing her lover three years before. Ren isn’t sure if she’s ready to move on but hopes one day she will be able to love again.

This novella tells of Ren’s first attempt at dating after Brooke but before Lindy.


This story explores Ren’s emotions as she begins to emerge from the loss of her beloved Brooke. It gives us a back-history to complement the emotional development we see in Sunset Island. At the same time we witness firsthand, albeit briefly, the devastation of Piper’s death which we will return to in Awaiting my Assignment.

AJ Adaire biogDespite being a prequel this is probably best read after Sunset Island. As one reviewer mentioned it’s almost like a director’s cut picked from the cutting room floor. Once again the author touches on the poignant issues of how we move on after a relationship ends badly or we suffer bereavement.

It is a charming little tale that adds to our understanding of Ren and her history and is worth a read.


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