Hurricane Season – BJ Phillips

Hurricane SeasonShawn Richards is a well known romance writer under the name S.K. Richardson. She has retreated to her Florida home to escape the heartbreak she cannot seem to get over, and to finish her next novel. Carrie is a huge S.K. Richardson fan but with no jacket photo she has no idea the cute woman she falls over in the grocery store is her idol.

While Shawn is instantly attracted, her heartache and bad experience dating a fan make her fight to keep Carrie at a distance, and the usual romantic dance ensues. Carrie will need all her patience and Shawn all her nerve, to get past the emotional roadblocks in their way.

The characters are warm and likeable, their heartache and fears all recognizable and its very easy to want them to succeed. Their small dramas over misunderstandings and hurt feeling are easy to empathize with, we have all been there. The backing characters are well done, from the solid Kelly to the conniving Tracy, they provide gently subplots to the main event.

BJ Phillips provides tension between the women with their gentle battle over fear and hurt, and a wider tension in the build to hurricane Grace, which they are right in the path off. She makes good use of the hurricane to add drama to the story, and gives an excellent description of the impact the storm has on those impacted by it.

This is an nice summer read, perfect for a lazy day by the pool or on the beech. An enjoyable and pleasant way to get lost in a verysweet romance.